LES MOREY | George T. and Gladys H. Abell Professor

Ph.D. University of Florida (1981)

Area: Clinical


  • Assessment, diagnosis, and classification of personality and psychopathology
  • Personality disorders
  • Alcoholism


Morey, L.C.  (Principal Investigator).  Collaborative Longitudinal Study of Personality Disorders, National Institute of Mental Health R10/R01 MH 50838.  Collaborative project submitted in conjunction with John Gunderson (McLean/Harvard), M. Tracie Shea (Brown), Thomas McGlashan (Yale), and Andrew Skodol (Columbia/ New York State Psychiatric). 

Morey, L.C. (Principal Investigator).  Empirical Articulation of a Core Dimension of Personality Pathology.  American Psychiatric Association DSM-V Data Analysis Project.

Lowmaster, S.E.  (Fellow) & Morey, L.C.  (Mentor).   Emotional and Behavioral Characteristics of Deployed Combat Troops.  U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Oak Ridge Associated Universities Science Education Programs Predoctoral Research Fellowship.


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Morey, L.C., Skodol, A.E., & Oldham, J.M.  (2014).  Clinician judgments of clinical utility: A comparison of DSM-IV-TR personality disorders and the alternative model for DSM-5 personality disorders.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 123, 398-405.

Morey, L.C., Hopwood, C.J., Markowitz, J.C., Gunderson, J.G., Grilo, C.M., McGlashan, T.H., Shea, M.T., Yen, S., Sanislow, C.A., Ansell, E.B. and Skodol, A.E.  (2012).  Comparison of alternative models for personality disorders, II: 6-, 8- and 10-year follow-up.  Psychological Medicine, 42, 1705-1713.

Morey, L.C., Berghuis, H., Bender, D.S., Verheul, R., Krueger, R.F., & Skodol, A.E.  (2011).  Toward a model for assessing level of personality functioning in DSM-5, Part II:  Empirical articulation of a core dimension of personality pathology.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 93, 347-353.

Morey, L.C., Lowmaster, S.E., Coldren, R.L., Kelly, M.P., Parish, R.V., & Russell, M.L.  (2011).    Personality Assessment Inventory profiles of deployed combat troops:  An empirical investigation of normative performance.  Psychological Assessment, 23, 456-462.

Morey, L.C., Shea, M.T., Markowitz, J.C., Stout, R.L., Hopwood, C.J., Gunderson, J.G., Grilo, C.M., McGlashan, T.H., Yen, S., Sanislow, C.A., & Skodol, A.E. (2010).  State effects of Major Depression on the assessment of personality and personality disorder.  American Journal of Psychiatry, 167, 528-535.

Morey, L. C. (2007). Personality Assessment Inventory Professional Manual, second edition. Odessa, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources.

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